I love making yummie foods and sharing them with friends so this page has all my favourite recipes that I have collected throughout the years. I don’t hold any copyrights but I do improve them. All are easy to make, as I like to keep food preparation simple and tasty. I have a quiet kitchen which means, everything you see here is made by hand with plastic bowls and a big old wooden spoon πŸ˜€

Picture of hemp hearts that are used in food preparation
Correction: They are seeds that have a mild nutty taste. Hemp hearts can be found at Bulk Barn or your local hemp farm (if your area has one) πŸ˜€
Recipe picture of Ma's Palatschinken (Austrian Crepes)
Recipe picture of Great Grandma's Pancakes
Recipe picture of Double chocolate muffins
Recipe picture of Banana cake or muffins
Ok, so I say “muffins” here when really it is just cake. But who doesn’t want cake for breakfast?
Recipe picture of Chocolate cip cookies
Recipe picture of White cake (all purpose)
If you want, these make great cup cakes too. Just top them with the frosting found below 😍
Recipe picture of Chocolate cake
Recipe picture of Home made frosting (icing).
Recipe picture of Peanut butter bars
Recipe picture of Bonnie bennett's squares
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