Welcome cuteness lovers! This is my “Stuffie” page that showcases the stuffies and dolls that have found their forever homes! A “best of”, if you will. Enjoy the mugshots 🀣 🀩 ❀️

My stuffies are made mostly by special order. I am just one woman with a hook after all πŸ˜‚. Please send me an email for inquiries at or a Facebook message (Rose Neumayer, the one with the stuffies on her page). This page is great at giving you ideas to start your very own special order.

I have a selection of “ready to buy” stuffies in Belleville at the fabulous shop called “Bazaar Artisan Market” ( I also do an auction style market on FB called “All things local – online market” which happens once a month, found here:

Collage of lots of crochet stuffed animals and dolls.  (Such as cat, tiger, elephants, unicorns, gnome, star, teddy, octopus, giraffe, girl dolls, dragon, frog)

Text reads "stuffie: noun; Canadian slang for a stuffed animal or stuffed toy. Alternate spelling, "stuffy". A cherished, lifelong friend.

Group Photos…

Lots of crochet stuffed animals from Edward's Menagerie book (unicorn, tiger, pup, cat, goat, elephants)
Best Buddies ❀️
Crochet snail, lizard and turtle
Snail (pattern mod), lizard (my own pattern), and turtle (pattern mod) 🦎🐒
Collage of lots of crochet stuffed animals (llama, frogs, owls, koala, turtle, octopus)
Llamacorn mod from “Ed’s Animals” and bottom frog with koala is from “Tiny Yarn Animals”, tiny turtle is a major mod from here as well…all the rest is me 😁
Collage of lots of crochet stuffed animals (piggy, llama, rooster, pup, unicorn, bunny, lion, monkey, elephant, giraffe, water Buffalo, pony)
All of these are modified from “Ed’s Animals” (aka “Edward’s Menagerie”) except the little pig, that one is all me πŸ˜‰
Group picture of modified Edward's Menagerie stuffies (bunnies, cows, giraffe, rooster)
Group photo of my Large sized stuffies (mods from “Ed’s Animals”)πŸ˜€
Stuffies from spring with a water theme (lizard, alligator, frogs, snails, turtles)
Puddle creatures… Alligator, Turtles, Snails, Lizard, and Frog… Hello Spring! 🐊 🐒 🐌 🦎 🐸
Cat and tiger
Calico Cat mod and Tiger from “Edward’s Menagerie” 🐱🐯
Puppy and wolf
Puppy and Wolf, both mods from “Edward’s Menagerie” 🐢🐺
Tiny stuffie ornaments for hanging any where (bunny, fox, gnome, unicorn, bird, rooster, cow, dragon)
These little stuffies can hang anywhere or the string can be removed so that little hands can hold them…all are my original patterns 🀩
Medium sized unicorn and puppy
Medium sized unicorn and puppy…my own patterns πŸ˜€
Mouse with cheese, purple monkey dishwasher, and fly duck
Mouse with cheese, purple monkey dishwasher, and fly duck
Tiny teddy, medium gnome, and tiny rooster crocheted stuffed toys
These 3 have become my mascots…all are my original patterns πŸ˜€ 🌹


T-rex crochet stuffie
T-rex mod from “Ed’s Animals” πŸ¦–
Stegosaurus crochet stuffie
Triceratops mod from “Ed’s Animal’s” πŸ˜ƒ
Love-o-saur (dino stuffies)
Original pattern ❀️
Baby t-rex with open mouths
I just love these Baby T-Rex by Ami Amour! So much that I had to enlarge the pattern too. This is a free pattern for the little one, find it hereπŸ¦–


Puppy mod from “Ed’s Animals” πŸ•
Fancy mutt puppy stuffie
Medium puppy. This fancy mutt has some chihuahua in the mix. The colour changes are done on the fly, so each one has different spots. My own pattern 🐢
Bunny mod’s from “Ed’s Animals” πŸ‡
Medium bunnies! In lots of colour combo’s . My own pattern. Great for Easter or everyday lovin’ ❀️
Crochet stuffie cats (calico, black, and tuxedo)
Kitty mods from “Ed’s Animals” 🐈
Lizard stuffies
Leaping lizards…my own pattern🦎
Marshmallow kitty stuffie
My own pattern πŸ˜€
Beagle puppy stuffie
Large Beagle puppy! My own pattern 🐢
Squishy kitty stuffie
A very chubby calico kitty! My own pattern 🐱
Small Puppy
Small pup mod from “tiny yarn animals” 🐢
Medium bunny
Medium sized bunny. My own pattern πŸ‡
Medium puppies in yellow mix and tan mix
Medium sized pups…my own pattern
Black and white plump cat named Clarance
Clarance is my own pattern. He is a black and white cat here, but really any colour could be done 🐈
Small kittens with big heads and eyes
There is no kitten with the cuteness here! Original “big headed kitten” pattern 😻
Kitten stuffies in calico and black
More “Big headed kitten’s” cause this pattern is just too cute 😻
Newborn Guinea Pig’s! This pattern is by Kati Galusz and of you are handy with a hook, can be found here for free:
Black cat with yellow eyes, stuffie
Here is my “Magical black cat” with yellow eyes making it look more like a regular black cat. Original pattern ❀️
Medium sized lizard. My own pattern
Medium sized lizard. My own pattern 🦎

Under the Sea…

4 octopus stuffies
I am just in love with these little Octopus…they sit at 3 inches with the tentacles curling out…my own pattern ❀️ πŸ™
3 tiny octopus stuffies
My own pattern for teeny tiny baby octopus (just an inch and a half tall!) πŸ™…Have some yarn ends floating around that you want to use up? Want to make one for yourself? Pop over to the “Freebies” page for the pattern! πŸ˜‰
Octopus stuffies in medium and small
Octopus cuties from “Tiny Yarn Animals”…the pattern makes up big so I shrunk it down πŸ™”
Small and Tiny turtle mod's from "Tiny Yarn Animals"
Small and Tiny turtle mod’s from “Tiny Yarn Animals”. These 2 have rainbow shells 🐒
Medium sized turtle. Massive mod from "Tiny yarn animals"
Medium sized turtle. Massive mod from “Tiny yarn animals” 🀩
Walrus stuffie in an old time bathing costume
Walrus in an old school swimming suit…while this is my own pattern, the idea wasn’t mine…just to cute not to make! 😍
JELLIES!!! These medium jellyfish are my own pattern 🫢
Whale stuffie mod from a pattern by "Hooked by Robin"
Whale stuffie mod from a pattern by “Hooked by Robin”. The original free pattern is found here: 🐳
Axcolotl stuffie
I love when someone asks “can you make a …” and the answer is “why yes, yes I can”. Meet an Axcolotl, the amphibian you never new about (or at least I didn’t)! Original pattern that is 8.5 inches long and all cute 😍
This axolotl is done up in coral and teal ❀️
Fishy stuffie mod from “Tiny Yarn Animals” 🐠
Medium sized frog. My own pattern
Medium sized frog. My own pattern 🐸
Medium sized frog. My own pattern. This one is in lime green with overalls and buttons!
Medium sized frog. My own pattern. This one is in lime green with overalls and buttons! 🀩

Farm Animals…

Nanny goat in white and browns
Nanny goat mod from “Ed’s Animals” 🐐
Tiny water Buffalo stuffies
Tiny water Buffaloes…my own pattern πŸƒ
Colourful rooster stuffies
“Ed’s Animals” mod…love the feathers πŸͺΆ πŸ”
2 cow stuffies, one in "oreo" print the other in holstein print
This is another modification of the “Ed’s Animals” pattern. It is all about the shag πŸ˜†
Cow stuffie from the mini pattern book 'teeny tiny animal crochet' edited by Kristen Rask
Medium Cow stuffie from the mini pattern book ‘teeny tiny animal crochet’ edited by Kristen Rask πŸ„
Dapple grey pony stuffie
Dapple grey pony mod from “Ed’s Animals” 🐎
Lots of colourful llamas
Alpaca stuffie standing on a table
Medium Alpaca stuffie from the mini pattern book ‘teeny tiny animal crochet’ edited by Kristen Rask πŸ¦™
Donkey stuffie, with "Eeyore" look
Eeyore inspired donkey, mod from “Ed’s Animals” 😍
Rainbow horse
This horse stuffie has a rainbow mane and tail, giving it a magical look. This is a mod from “Ed’s Animal’s” 🌈🐴
Large piggy from “Ed’s Animals” 🐽
Small Piggy and lamb
Small piggy and lamb from “tiny yarn animals” πŸ–πŸ‘
Small horse and cow
Small horse and cow mod from “Tiny Yarn Animals” 🐎 πŸ„


Tiger stuffie
Tiger mod from “Ed’s Animals”…grrrrr πŸ…
Hippo stuffies
Fun print giraffe and traditional print giraffe
Rhino stuffie
Rhino love! Such a cutie 🦏❀️
There is no lion about the cuteness here! 🦁
Elegant elephants (grey, blue, and coral orange)
Large elephants 🐘
More large elephants. This is one of my favourite patterns from “Edward’s Menagerie “. It is perfect, no mod’s needed 🐘
Alligator stuffie with front and side views
Alligator mod from “Ed’s Animals” 🐊
My hippo is waving hello at all the people passing by the window. This is a medium size and original pattern πŸ¦›
Tiny koala stuffie
My tiny koala pattern 😍
Small hippo and lemur stuffies
Small hippo and lemur from “tiny yarn animals” πŸ¦›
Small elephants. Mod from ‘Tiny Yarn Animals” 🐘
Monkey stuffie sitting on a table
Large Monkey stuffie from the mini pattern book ‘teeny tiny animal crochet’ edited by Kristen Rask πŸ’
Tiny monkey
Tiny Monkey. This little guy is only 6.5 inches tall. My own pattern inspired by a picture I saw of another Monkey stuffie 🐡

Wild Animals…

Large Moose stuffie
Moose mod, I designed the antlers as more of a young moose so that this is still an all ages stuffie πŸ˜€
Mouse stuffie in soft grey
Large mouse stuffie mod from “Ed’s Animal’s 🐁
Little mouse stuffie holding a piece of cheese on a table
Small mouse from from the mini pattern book ‘teeny tiny animal crochet’ edited by Kristen Rask 🐭
Large Arctic fox stuffie
Arctic fox mod from “Edward’s Menagerie” ❀️
Medium Red fox stuffie
Red fox from “Tiny Yarn Animals”…great fox design, it makes up to be a medium sized stuffie 🦊
Large Brown fox stuffie
Brown fox mod from “Ed’s Animals” 😍
Large red fox stuffie
Red fox mod from”Ed’s Animals” 🦊
My own pattern, in two colours 😍
Large Polar bear stuffie
Polar bear mod from “Ed’s Animals” πŸ»β€β„οΈ
Grey wolf 🐺


Tiny horned owl in purple vintage colours
My own pattern! Just love this tiny little owl πŸ¦‰
Mallard duck stuffed animal
Mallard duck mod from “Ed’s Animals “
Bird stuffie
Bird mod from “tiny yarn animals” πŸ˜€
Tiny chick stuffie
A tiny chick. Cheep, cheep! My own original pattern πŸ₯
Original pattern
Rooster stuffed animal sitting on a chair
Large rooster mod from “Ed’s Animals”
Two yellow ducks. One is wearing aviators
There are two kinds of ducks, regular and fly 😁 My original pattern
Plump owl stuffie named Olivia
Olivia was a special request for a special girl. I designed this owl to be a bit of fantasy and real world mix. πŸ¦‰
The pattern book "Mini Amigurumi Birds" by Sarah Abbondio with a cockatoo, peacock, and bat stuffie from the book
The pattern book “Mini Amigurumi Birds” by Sarah Abbondio with a cockatoo, peacock, and bat stuffie from the book


Caterpillar! My own pattern. I love how I can make this in so many colours and sizes. A stuffie that can be used as a colour and counting teaching toy, not just a cuddly friend πŸ›
Caterpillar with 5 sections
Caterpillar with 5 sections 😍
Tiny snail and butterfly stuffies
The tiny snail is from a YouTube video and the tiny butterfly is my modification to the snail (same body but with my own butterfly wings) πŸ¦‹πŸŒ
Small bee stuffie
This pattern is from “Tiny yarn animals” 🐝
Tiny grasshopper stuffie
Grasshopper, my own pattern πŸ˜€
Snail stuffie
This is the tiny snail video pattern made bigger. So fun 🐌
Butterfly stuffed animal standing on a chair
Butterfly! This pattern is a mod of a mod. The body is the same as the snails and then I made the wings. This one has a sporty look πŸ¦‹


Teddy bear stuffies (a tan bear and a brown with bow tie)
Medium teddy bear. My own pattern 🧸
Little bear stuffie sitting on a table
Small bear stuffie from the mini pattern book ‘teeny tiny animal crochet’ edited by Kristen Rask 🐻
Robot! This pattern is found in “Crochet One-Skein Wonders”. It has that old school retro feel of what the future should look like. I also shrunk it down for more fun πŸ€–

Mythical Creatures…

Large Baby dragon stuffies in coral orange, sea-foam, and fun blue
Mod from “Ed’s Animals”…so cute πŸ₯°
Lots of large unicorn stuffies in lots of colours
This mod is a more classic unicorn, think “The Last Unicorn” πŸ¦„
Alicorn stuffie
Alicorn mod (Pegasus and unicorn). As you can see a bit here, I make baby blankets too ❀️
Gnomes stuffies! Huge, medium and tiny sizes
Gnomes! My own patterns πŸ’—
Large Monster stuffies in orange and coral
My very own monster pattern. I designed this to be a mix of all the monster characters that I have loved over the years and of course, supper cuddly 😍
Black cat and radish monster stuffies
Magical black cat and evil radish monster. My own patterns 😍
Lot's of dragon's with open mouths
This is the baby T-rex with open mouth pattern by Ami Amour with my own wings and ears to make it a baby dragon! These are small and large sizes…so cute 😍
The Jackolope stuffie:
Legends of the Old American West tell tales of a horned rabbit that would sing along to campfire songs, keeping the lonely cowboys company.
My own patten. About 8 inches tall πŸ’—
Dust bunnies
I think “magical” works best for my ‘dust bunnies’ πŸ˜‰
Two "mushroomlings" and two tiny mushrooms. My own pattern
Two “mushroomlings” and two tiny mushrooms. My own pattern πŸ„

Baby Stuffie Blankies:

A blankie and stuffie combo in two pictures, propped up and laying sprea
My own pattern mixing a stuffed animal with a comfort blanket for new borns 🀩
Bat blankie and stuffie combo
Bat blankie and stuffie combo. blanket part is just over 14 inches square🀩

Tiny Stuffies (Group Photos)…

Tiny stuffed animals: puppy, rooster, dragon, fox, elephant, unicorn, dino, elephant, unicorn, kitty, panda, pig, hippo, koala, and teddy
All right class, push in and look happy! πŸ˜‚ My original patterns. There are 15 tiny’s here!
Collage of lots of tiny crochet stuffed animals
Tiny stuffies! The snail and heart are from a YouTube video…the rest are all my own patterns ❀️
Collage of lots of tiny crochet stuffed animals
Tiny stuffies! The mouse is from a YouTube video, the rest are all mine! πŸ˜‰
Tiny rooster, oreo cow, and unicron. My own patterns ❀️
My own tiny stuffie cactus. Guaranteed not to die πŸŒ΅πŸ˜…
Unicorn, hippo, fox, elephant, dino, puppy, and dragon tiny stuffies
Unicorn, hippo, fox, elephant, dino, puppy, and dragon tiny stuffies. Original patterns 🀩
Panda, piggy, calico cat, raccoon, frog, koala, teddy, and rooster tiny stuffies
Panda, piggy, calico cat, raccoon, frog, koala, teddy, and rooster tiny stuffies. Original patterns ❀️
Tiny stuffies sitting on a chair. Raccoon, rabbit, and black bear
Tiny Canadian trio, raccoon, rabbit, and black bear. Original patterns

Holiday Stuffies…

Baby new year. Text reads: happy new year everyone. May your hearts be filled with cuteness in the new year!
Valentine's bunch including "angel bear", winged hearts and gnomes, and dino's
Rainbow, large Irish Girl, medium Irish girl, leprechaun with pot of gold
Rainbow, large Irish Girl, medium Irish girl, leprechaun with pot of gold. All are original patterns except the large girl doll which is a mod ☘️
Easter themed stuffies such as bunnies and chicks and roosters
Fly ducky, eggy bunnies, rolly polly bunny, chicks, eggs, large bunny in white and pastels, Easter bunnies, baskets and a lamb
Canada day teddy bears
Happy Canada Day! Medium sided bear is an original by me and the large is a mod from “ed’s animals” πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
Pumpkin and turkey
Original patterns πŸ¦ƒ
Halloween themed stuffies such as ghosts, dead doll, black cat, and bats
More Halloween themed stuffies like a ghost, witch, and black cat
Christmas themed stuffies such as snowman, hippo in Santa hat, Christmas gnomes, stars, and hello kitty in Christmas outfit
More Christmas stuffies! Snowman, gingerbread man, puppy, stego, hippo, Christmas tree cat, penguin, and more

Stuffie Dolls…

Inspiring women dolls, Amelia Earhart, Jane Goodall, and Audrey Hepburn
I love this pattern book! It is called “Crochet Iconic Women: Amigurumi patterns for 15 woman who changed the world” by Carla Mitrani. I have been crocheting my way through these patterns by request with my own modifications of course! 🧢
Frida Kahlo doll
Frida Kahlo doll…just love this modification! This pattern is great to make any doll once you have the hang of it! πŸ₯°
Family of 5 "selfie" dolls
I love special orders! And making this doll pattern as a family of “selfie” dolls is no exception! ❀️
Another special order of selfie dolls
Another family of selfie dolls by request. This one has a memorial doll for a family member that passed. Such a sweet idea ❀️
Twin dolls
Twins! Special order dolls πŸ˜€
Ballerina stuffie doll
Ballerina stuffie doll mod from “Crochet Iconic Women” πŸ’œ
Ballerina doll in yellow and blue outfit
Ballerina doll in yellow and blue outfit πŸ’ƒπŸ»
Mermaid stuffie doll with purple hair
This mermaid is hard to place as she is also a “mythical creature”, but seeing as she is a stuffie doll, I placed her here. She is a mod from “Crochet Iconic Women”. I just love her flapper hair style 🧜
Before they grow up to be mirmaids, they are "waterbabies". My own pattern
Before they grow up to be mirmaids, they are “waterbabies”. My own pattern 😍
Autumn fairy doll
Autumn Fairy doll
Elephant doll in dark grey with purple t-shirt and shorts and in a purple dress
Elephant doll mod from “My Crocheted Doll” …this pattern makes up to be about 14″ or more tall 🐘
Girl dolls in lots of colours and outfits. One doll, two looks. Dolls have 5-shirt and shorts then a dress to change it up
My own doll pattern with crocheted on shorts and t-shirt. Has a dress too and can be customized in so many ways! A huge shout-out goes to “My Crocheted Doll” pattern book for teaching me the skills to make this doll. Makes up to be about 11″ tall 😍
Boy dolls in "one doll, two looks". Dolls have t-shirt and shorts then a sweater to change it up
Let’s here it for the boys…original pattern…now there is even more to mix and match with these dolls 😍
2 big headed dolls in "one doll, two looks" style. These have overalls and a wrap dress
The pattern for these “big headed dolls” comes from “”…I modified it to have the overalls, wrap dress, and all the details. I wanted them to also have “two looks” as it makes play that much more fun. They are just under 10 inches tall ❀️
Small big headed dolls, blond, brunette, and red head
This is the “big headed” doll pattern shrunk down…about 7″ tall. Shirt and skirt is crocheted on. This is the “big headed doll” pattern from above shrunk down.A fun little doll for travel and playπŸ˜€
Baby stuffie dolls, girl and boy with light complexion
Baby’s 1st baby doll pattern mash up, I took the “arms” from “Ed’s Animals” and made my own body and head to make a super cute all ages friendly baby doll 🍼
Baby stuffie doll in pinks with medium complexion
This “baby’s first baby” is looking oh so cozy in a crib…love how these dolls can be made to order ❀️
Ninja stuffie dolls. Text "Ready? Fight!"
The stuffing is going to fly! My own pattern πŸ˜‰
"Dead" doll...whit skin with Victorian outfit and black hair
Something a little more gothic…my own pattern πŸŒ™

Nursery Rhyme and Children’s Book Stuffies…

Humpty Dumpty stuffie with poem that read "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, But this Humpty Dumpty is A-OKAY, Because he's full of stuffing, in every way.
Tiny stuffies of nursery rhymes. Humpty Dumpty, this little piggy, itsy-bisty spider, twinkle, twinkle, little star, Jack and Jill, and ba ba black sheep
Nursery rhyme Tiny’s with hanging strings…my own patterns 😁
Little critter
Little Critter fan art pattern. Make sure to read the books πŸ“š
Color Monsters
These “Color Monster’s” are feeling happy today. Fan art patterns for small and tiny guys were inspired by the wonderful book “The Color Monster”, make sure to give it a read! πŸ“–
Julia Donaldson is a talent! And the illustrators she works with are so fun! Buy and read all her books! You will not be disappointed . My own fan art patterns. Enjoy reading the books πŸ“š
Reading buddies! Stuffies to read by. My own fan art patterns πŸ“šβ€οΈ

Kitty Toys…

Kitty cat showing off a bunch of crochet kitty toys
Stuffies for your kitty that are 100% approved! The toys, in this picture are a ball, tiny octopus, tiny mouse, and a hexagon patch. All toys are made with cotton yarn and polyester stuffing (where the toy is stuffed). Any faces are drawn on with a non-toxic fabric marker. Washer and dryer friendly for years of safe play 😻

Original Fan Art Stuffies…

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any of the character’s below. I was inspired by their cuteness to make my own patterns. However, the “Hello Kitty” stuffies are my modifications from “Hello Kitty Crochet by Mei Li Lee”.

Care Bears
Care bears monkey
My own pattern, a care bear cousin monkey 🐡
3 Fairy dolls
I used the basic doll pattern from “Crochet Iconic Women” by Carla Mitrani to make these fan art fairy dolls. With my own pattern for the wings and all of the mods, they turned out so cute 😍
Sailor Moon stuffie doll
This doll pattern from “Crochet Iconic Women” is so cute and can be modified to do anyone…She is the one πŸŒ™
Wednesday fan art doll standing on a chair
Wednesday fan art doll mixing elements from the new and classic character
Minions of fun! My original fan art pattern πŸ™‚
Super Mario and friends
While designing these fan art patterns, I tried to combine the old school with the new school as Mario and the gang have changed a bit over the years! ⭐️
Master ball, Pokeballs and pikachu's
My own PokΓ©mon fan art patterns…I just love Pikachu ❀️
Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle stuffies
Detective Pikachu
Jumbo pokeball
This pokeball is huge! You need two man hands to hold it! Or just my 2 hands πŸ˜‚Original pattern
Minecraft creature and panda
Original patterns
PAC MAN and ghosts set
Original patterns
Teen Titans GO!
These hero’s are just so much fun! My own fan art patterns 🀩
The Flash. My own fan art pattern πŸ˜‰
My “Calvin and Hobbes” fan art stuffies for this comic classic! ❀️
Little mermaid
My own pattern because every girl deserves both worlds πŸ˜‰
Pascal stuffie
Pascal from “Tangled”. This free pattern is from the talented “Ami Amour” and just so stinking cute! Pattern found here:😍
Unicorn donkey in greys with purple horn
This unicorn donkey is a mod from “Ed’s Animal’s” that was inspired by Luisa’s big number in “Encanto”…for all of 30 incredible seconds she is riding a unicorn donkey and it just made my heart sore! πŸ’ž
Tigger, piglet, Eeyore, and Pooh
Tigger, Piglet, Winnie the Pooh, and Eeyore my own fan art patterns ❀️
Bluey and Bingo
From the show “Bluey”. A kids show adults can actually watch. My own patterns
The Mokona’s from CLAMP. My own pattern. Love the buttons for the gems ❀️
Hello kitty in Christmas, unicorn, and cheetah outfits
Hello Kitty Onesies! Christmas, unicorn, and cheetah . All mod’s from the book “Hello kitty crochet” by Mei Li Lee🀩😍
Hello Kitty in blue, doctor, and police outfits
COVID-19 Hello Kitty stuffies….super thanks to all the essential service workers! ❀️
Hello kitty in little black dress, overalls, skirt, butterfly, and lady bug outfits
Pattern mods from “Hello Kitty Crochet” by Mei Li Lee 😍
Klakk stuffie (bumblebee wormy looking guy from "Bug eyed monster'# invade the earth"
This is “Klakk” from the Canadian Indy Film “Bug Eyed Monsters Invade the Earth!”. I was asked to design this stuffie based off of the puppet used in the film. Which was originally based off of a child’s drawing. This one was a gift for the child. Cool right?! Check out the film on vimeo pay here:

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  1. Rose, your website is outstanding and your new and β€œolder” stuffies are just beautiful!! Keep on β€œkeeping on”!!

    Barbara xoxo

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  2. Rose, just read your posting to make your stuffies available for sale from your website! You GO, GIRL!!! Did you post it on Facebook, as well?

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  3. Rose, the newest Hello Kitty dolls, are terrific! I’m surprised they haven’t been scooped up by a well know Hello Kitty lover! I also love the Koala bearβ€”so cute and cuddly!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. So exciting! Excellent!!! Soon I will be able to say β€œI knew you when…..!” Forgot to tell you that my friend Yolanda, who purchased a Llama for her granddaughter, tells me that Regan carries the stuffie around, with her, all the time!

        B. Xoxo

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  4. Hi Rose!
    I just wanted to post here to say, it’s been 8 months since I picked up a baby dragon stuffy from you for my son (I was your first online purchase from your website!) And, it’s still going strong! It’s my toddlers favourite stuffy and is the first one he grabs to go to bed with him every evening.

    Thank you again!

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  5. Rose, I just have to say that although all your stuffies are fabulous my favourite is the Beagle puppy dog. OUTSTANDING!!!

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  6. Wow, Rosemarie!!
    I stumbled across your stuffies by chance, and was completely gobsmacked when I realized who made them. You have done / are doing SO well for yourself!! Congratulations, and continued success πŸ™‚

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    1. Hi Crystal! Currently, I have two sizes of turtles. The small is $10 and the Tiny is $6, in CAD $. Please email me at “” if you have any more questions. Have a great day


  7. Rose, love your website, there are so many favourites for me, I just can’t decide which one I like bestβ€”I LIKE ALL OF THEM THE BEST!!!!!


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