What Cheek!

This page is devoted to my sweary adult colouring book, “What Cheek!” which is self published on Amazon. It also has all the goodies that go with it.
Because I am a visual thinker, my book has all of the cute, funny, and weird pictures I see in my mind when people swear. As I am an old school illustrator, each drawing was done on real paper with pencil and then inked and scanned into the computer. This gives you that “colouring in someone else’s sketch book” feel you have always secretly wanted 😁.
Oh, did I mention that the New York Times best selling author, Piers Anthony “King of Fantasy” loved it? ‘Cause, ya he did! 😄

Warning! Cute drawings with profanity below!
Picture of "What Cheek" by Rosemarie Neumayer. Shows 5 of the 30 pictures that are in the book for colouring. Text reads " My adult colouring book! 30 hand drawn drawings to colour out your frustrations."
The link to shop my book on Amazon.ca: https://www.amazon.ca/What-Cheek-Adult-Insults-Coloring/dp/1698557663/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=What+Cheek%21&qid=1609936492&sr=8-1
Pictures of swag from "What Cheek!" that can be bought at the Redbubble shop
The link to buy swag from my ACB: https://www.redbubble.com/people/r-neumayer/shop
Piers Anthony's review of "What Cheek!" from SapTimber 2021 (September)

'The author sent me a copy of her coloring book What Cheek! by Rosemarie Neumayer. Website www.rosemarieneumayer.com. I understand that coloring books are big these days, and not just for children. This one is Adult, in the sense that the anonymous social powers that be require you to hide it from children, who are not supposed to have any idea that things like cussing, dirty words, excretion, or s*x exist, and whose innocence is supposed to be preserved, if possible, until they die of old age. I was never very good at following those strictures. 

This copy is inscribed “To Piers, Thanks for warping my sense of humour. Without you, this book wouldn't have been possible!” So if you are under the age of whatever, skip the rest of this paragraph, lest you be warped. Which makes me wonder about Warp Speed in Star Trek. What are they secretly doing out there in space? Children beware! 

The first coloring picture is of the head of a horse with a horn, saying “Bitch Please I'm a Unicorn.” The second is “Balls!” whose picture is of a candy ball vending machine, with the balls having a ball. The third is “Go Fly A Kite” with the kitist getting electrocuted by lightning traveling down the kite string. Well, he should have known better; just because Ben Franklin did it doesn't mean it's entirely safe. The fourth is “Who are you calling a F*cking Fairy Princess?” with a cute little winged girl. The fifth is “Money Talks and Bullsh*t Walks,” with small pictures of a five dollar bill saying “I'm not cheap!” and a walking turd being harassed by flies. And on, with “Grow a Pair,” “Limp Dick,” “Twat Waffle,” “I don't give a flying F*CK about it!” and my favorite, a cowgirl riding a little cloud in a storm, titled “Thunderc*nt” (my asterisks throughout this paragraph). 

So next time you get caught by a storm, you'll know where the thunder is coming from. Be wary of getting under it and looking up, you know, up-skirting, lest you get an electrifying eyeful. And on through more, concluding with a rocket being launched, “F*ck Off!” So if you have time on your hands and naughtiness on your mind, buy this book and get cracking. I mean, coloring. It will drive the ASP (Anonymous Social Powers) nuts. They might even shrink a pair.'
This is a screen shot of the HUGE review Piers Anthony the best author ever, gave me of “What Cheek!”
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