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  1. How can I contact you? Answer: Please email me at “rdneumayer@yahoo.ca” or FB msg (Rose Neumayer). It can be hard to find me on Facebook. Tip: I’m the one with all the stuffies on my profile. I use “professional mode” and post all my fun things to public. Feel free to follow me there.

2. How long have you been making stuffies for? Answer: Since I bought the pattern book “Tiny Yarn Animals” back in the fall of 2008. I am mostly self taught. Thanks to Joyce for showing me how to make a granny square. I just could not figure out how to turn a circle into a square 🤦‍♀️ and to all the wonderful people posting videos on YouTube! “Hooked by Robin” has the best how to videos! She is my video hero, check her out.

3. What are your favourite pattern books? Answer: Please see the picture below, pattern books are a great place to start. I modified most of them to get the “just right” look for me. And I also make my own patterns, but that bit took years to be able to do! Add “Crochet Iconic Women” by Carla Mitrani and “Mini Amigurumi Birds” by Sarah Abbondio to this list as well.

Picture of pattern books. "Tiny yarn animals", "My crochet doll", "Edward's Menagerie", and "Hello Kitty Crochet"

4. I want to start making stuffies too! What is the best way to go about it? Answer: There are lots of ways to start learning but if you are new to crochet, I recommend picking up a beginner book and watching videos (YouTube) on how to master the basics and make a few simple projects like a scarf. Then once you can do that, move on to making stuffies.

Picture of pattern book "instant expert crochet"
The first skills (not pattern, but it has those too) book I bought on “how to crochet”…I wish I had got this before I jumped into stuffie making. It would have made my life easier, that and watching videos! 🤣 The baby blanket hex patch pattern in this book is super fun to make, as well 🤩

5. Do you do custom or special orders? Answer: Yes I do, however I only take on a job if I feel I can do the job justice. Please email me to start the process (rdneumayer@yahoo.ca) or FB msg me (Rose Neumayer, the one with stuffies on the profile page). I tend to be booking weeks in advance, so please keep this in mind if you are working with a timeline.

6. How do I book a job? Answer: Everything starts with an email (rdneumayer@yahoo.ca) or FB msg. Then we firm everything thing up. Payment is taken to book the job and when everything is made it can be picked up, dropped off (ask about this), or shipped.

7. What do you charge for shipping? Answer: I charge exactly what Canada Post charges. So once an order is done, it gets a shipping quote and then that amount is charged to you for the shipping. Keep in mind, it is the same amount to ship one stuffie as it is to ship two as the box is the same size. Because of this, I recommend shipping in even numbers as it is more cost effective. However, if you are in Canada there is currently (as of Jan 2023) a flat rate box that holds 3 large stuffies for about $27 (with taxes in).

8. What do the stuffies come with and what are they made from? What ages? Answer: Please see the picture and caption below for more info. All stuffies and dolls come with a care tag that has the contents and recommended age group. I use cotton yarn and polyester stuffing. Depending on the doll, acrylic yarn is used for “hair”. Ages go from 0 to 5 years and up, depending on the details and design.

Picture of elephant stuffie displaying a care tag for my handmade stuffies
This Elephant made from mercerized cotton is showcasing my care tag before it is filled out. All stuffies and stuffie dolls are made from cotton yarn with polyester stuffing. I only use acrylic yarn for doll hair, as it is shiny. My tiny stuffies are 3 years and up while the larger sizes are usually baby friendly. If there are buttons or “hair” then I recommend 5 years and up. I am a smoke and scent free home. This pattern is from “Edward’s Menagerie” ❤️

9. Your website has more than just stuffies. What are all the menu options for? Answer: My website is the hub for all things me. Besides being a stuffie maker, I am also an illustrator (see “What Cheek!”) and I happen to love to bake (see “Yummie!”). Blog is my random ramblings and event page.

10. Where can I buy your adult colouring book? What is it called? Answers: My ACB is called “What Cheek!”. You can buy it directly from Amazon or email me to buy a copy. The link to Amazon.ca is on the “What Cheek!” page or type “What Cheek! Rosemarie Neumayer” into your country’s Amazon search bar and it comes right up, if available.

11. What do you mean by “swag”? Answer: Swag is merchandise that I have for sale with “Redbubble”. It is a few of the pictures from my ACB on t-shirts, stickers, and a ton of other items. Some of the item are in black and white so you can colour them yourself. And others are ones that I have digitally coloured. There is also an “all ages” mash up print with all of my favourite characters from the book.

12. I saw the “selfie” dolls and I just love them! How much? How do you do them? Answer: Selfie dolls are a special order so the process for that applies. The price is determined by how much work is needed. They are about 11 inches tall. I will need pictures and a question/answer chat session with you to get the doll to look like the person you want (unless they are famous). Please email or FB message me to set this up.

13. Do you make more than stuffies? Short Answer: Yes! Long Answer: I was a knitter of dishcloths first (thanks Grandmother), then learned to crochet. I am an illustrator, writer, and maker too. I love to make things that bring people joy, love, or laughter. My main passion (read ‘obsession’) is stuffies. Here are a few other things that I have crocheted or knit for your viewing pleasure.

Baby doll in a crochet dress, hat and mitts, rainbow scarf, Christmas stockings, baby owl hat and shawl, crib with doll and crochet doll blanket, baby/lap blanket

13. Can I buy your stuffed animals in a shop or online? Answer: Yes, I have ‘ready to buy’ stuffies in at the Bazaar (267 Front Street, Downtown Belleville). Most months, I also take part in an online auction style market on Facebook called “All things local – online market”.

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