Oct 5, 2021

Two new things to report. The first is that I have opened up my facebook page to allow “following” for people who are interested in seeing what I make, on that platform. I post my special orders as they are done and when I am in the market. I use the short form of my name there (Rose Neumayer). Feel free to message me there with questions as well.

The second thing is that I came across a coloured and framed picture from my ACB (adult colouring book) “What Cheek!” This was done as a motivational gift and I just love it! Thank you Shannon!

Framed picture that reads "you bet i'm fucking fabulous!"

Sept 8, 2021

I have decided to put up a “Blog” for all my random bits of news and aimless ramblings. My first thought with this is “yuck” as blog sounds well, gross. It reminds me of vomit. But it does have a purpose. And it can not help that it sounds gross. My next thought was that I am not found of the busy layouts that are offered and often seen. So this will be a clean and simple thing. Just words on a page with the occasional picture.

I am a avid reader. My favourite author since I was a teen (and read my first Xanth novel) is Piers Anthony. He is the one responsible for warping my sense of humour. If you like my adult colouring book, you can thank him. Like wise if you don’t. I sent him a copy as thanks and he was kind enough to review it! I am posting the screenshot of his review below for your reading pleasure.

Full review of "What Cheek!" Adult colouring book by Piers Anthony. A clip reads "Children beware!"
From: and his SapTimber news letter for 2021. If you want a copy of “What Cheek! by Rosemarie Neumayer” pop over to the shop page for the link to Amazon. Don’t have an Amazon account? No worries! I have a few for sale, email me at
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