Teeny Tiny Baby Octopus 🐙 Pattern 
By Rosemarie Neumayer

Abbreviations (American style)
ch = chain
sc = single crochet 
sts = stitchs
sl st = slip stitch
Inc = increase 
Dec = decrease (use blind decrease method for best results)
RND = round (This pattern is made up in the round as it is circular. The work keeps going around and around, use a stitch marker to keep your place at the start of each round. This is the same as a row when doing regular crochet just with a different name to indicate it is circular.)
FO = finish off (leave a long tail for sewing up with whip stitch)

RND 1 - make a slip knot then ch 2, 6 sc in the 2nd stitch from the hook (pull slip knot tight and knot off)
RND 2 - Inc all around (12 sts)
RND 3 - 1 sc, Inc (18 sts)
RND 4 to RND 6 - sc around (3 RNDs)
RND 7 - 1 sc, Dec (12 sts) stuff here with polyester or yarn ends
RND 8 - Dec all (6 sts), stuff a little more and FO

RND 1 - make a slip knot (leave a long tail for this one), ch 2, [sl st to 2nd stitch from hook, ch 6] x 8 . Then pull the slip knot tight with all 8 ch 6's in it, FO (sew this to bottom of body)

Use the centre of the 3 RNDs to make the eyes in and the last of the 3 RNDs to make the mouth.

Notes: If you are a fan of "magic loop", start by making your magic loop for the body and then do 6 sc into the magic loop...the rest is the same. 

Also this pattern is great for using up yarn ends, this gives it the different colour changes and is a great way to practice your colour changing skills on the fly!

I use "Bernat Handi Crafter Cotton Yarn" which is medium worsted. Feel free to use what ever you like and have fun! 🤩 I use a 3.50 mm hook to keep tension and my stitches tight.
Incase you are new to the world of “slip knots”, they move! When I say to “pull tight and knot off” this is the end of your slip knot that goes into the stuffie. Putting a knot keeps your stitches from moving and falling out! It also makes the work more stable.
Warning! Cute drawings with profanity below!
Example picture of the "What Cheek" free bookmark made up and in use in the ACB. Click link below to download , print and make your own.
This is a picture of the inside cover drawing in my ACB with the bookmark made and coloured and doing it’s thing. To get a copy of the bookmark drawing to colour and make, please click on the “download” button bellow.
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